Total Weight (oz per sq yd)
Fabric Type
Breaking Strength. lbs
Tear Strength, Trapezoid lbs
Adhesion lbs / 2 inches
Low Temperature -20 F
Microbial Activity
Ultraviolet Resistance
Flammability Resistance

30+/- 10%
3.1 Polyester Non Woven
Pass 1000 Hours

ASTM D-751

FS 191-5100
CFFA – 16
FED STD 191-5970
FED STD 191-5970
ASTM G-21-75
VTM-1200, QUV Tester
MNSS # 302

Product formulation contains absorbers and special pigmentation to resist yellowing during weathering. Also exhibits excellent resistance to Trichlorisocyanoric Acide, calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite 12 PPM SOLN.

Note: cleaning with warm water containing a mild soap is recommended. Abrasive cleaners and solvents should be avoided.

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