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Ace Upholstery Supplies Ltd. offers many marine products. We offer boat top framework (premade of straight tubes), frame fittings, zippers. coatings, snaps and much more.

Below are only a few items we carry but all products are shown in the catalogue download section.

Snap Fasteners

YKK Zippers

Black - Zippers
White - Zipper

Aqua Tite

AQUA-TITE® GREEN is a premium grade water repellent with Silicone as its active ingredient. AQUA-TITE® GREEN is available in quarts, gallons, and 55 gallon drums.

Unlike most other available water repellents, AQUA-TITE® GREEN meets all known country, region, state and area regulations for VOC.

Utilizing Silicone, which is the premier water repellent avaiable, AQUA-TITE® GREEN now gives you unrivaled performance, all while being very easy to apply.

Die Cast Chrome Fittings