Outdura marine fabric is a full 9 oz per square yard and comes in 45 solid and tweed colors. It is offered in 60″ width.

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Oudura Canvas

We use only 100% Dolan® solution dyed acrylic fiber. Solution dying is a unique process in which the pigment or dye is added, along with UV stabilizers, while the fiber is still in viscous form. This locks the color in so that it cannot be faded by the sun or even bleached out with chlorine bleach!

Additionally, the UV stabilizers keep the sun from “dry rotting” the fabric.

This is when a fabric, exposed to the sun will lose strength to the point it can literally “turn to dust”.

Solution-dyed acrylic is a natural at resisting stains and as a further enhancement we add stain release finishes making it even more stain resistant. Mildew is not a problem for Outdura either because acrylic will not support the growth of mildew.